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1.40 I just bought a house and it doesn't have a garbage disposal... is it something I can install on my own?

Q. How difficult is it to install a garbage disposal? I am assuming actually hooking it to the pipe isn't that big a job, but what about wiring the switch and making sure it works? Can anyone give me some idea what all this entails? Should I pay to have a plumber do it or can I handle it on my own? Approximately how long will it take? Is it more difficult to install if you have a dishwasher also?

A. That all depends on how comfortable you are with electricity and plumbing. It's actually easier to install if you have a dishwasher, due to the fact that you have a source of power. A 15 or 20 amp circuit should be able to supply both appliances, assuming that nothing else is connected to the circuit. The hard part will be fishing the wires up through the wall for the switch. Most, if not all, disposals have a port on the side to connect the dishwasher drain. I have included a link to show you what's involved. Good luck.

1.20 Does having a garbage disposal eliminate a plumber?

Q. I want to buy a single kitchen sink bowl cause right now i have a double bowl sink w/ a garbage disposal but I dont use it at all but my husband says its stupid to get rid of it since everyone wants a garbage disposal and it eliminates having to call a plumber since it will not clog up, is that true?

A. No ma'am. In fact, a garbage disposal is just one more thing to break down. But they are handy for grinding food scraps that otherwise would have gone into the trash. The best place for those are outside in a compost pile. But yes, a disposal can clog too.

1.20 Will, i.e., 'Liquid Plumber' damage my garbage disposal in any way?

Q. The drain seems stopped up in the trap below the garbage disposal? The disposal runs, but the water does not go down. Will caustic chemicals hurt the rubber or mechanics of my garbage disposal? Thanks!

A. FIRST ~~~~> READ THE DRAIN CLEANER'S LABEL!! generally liquid drain cleaners say not to use them in a disposal!! the "ONLY" time i recommend liquid drain openers is when the drain slows a bit. once stopped, DO NOT USE THEM!

1.00 REPULSIVE smell in kitchen drain!!!! Any natural cleaners to use?

Q. There was food sitting in my kitchen drain from a party. After I cleaned all the dishes, the drain REALLY stunk. I've already put baking soda, salt, and vinegar down there, but it's still horrible!!!! I don't have any cleaning products, because I use all natural stuff...and I don't have bleach. Anything else I can use? I can't use bleach...I have a septic system and was told I couldn't use that.

A. I'm sorry Hun but if you want to to get the smell OUT you will have to buy an ALL NATURAL BLEACH. This will do it. BUT if you have a garbage disposal or what not just cut up lemon or oranges and run that through. I cant believe that the baking soda and vinegar didn't do it. That should have taken care of it all. Good luck sweetie.

1.00 Brownish-red flies in my apartment?

Q. My sorry @ss management company can't get rid of these reddish-brown flies that are in my apartment. The exterminator said they are drain flies, and they sprayed, but they came back? It sounds like they live in the garbage disposal that the previous lessee didn't clean out? I just moved in the place, and I know I didn't bring anything in here. Does anyone know anything about getting rid of them? If they clean the drain trap, will they go away? My house constantly smells like Clorox because I am cleaning so much, so I KNOW it's not anything I'm leaving around, etc.

A. Fly traps!! hang them in ordinary places. These flys can drive you mad and make you feel like flipping your lid. I have one in my face right now. Pour clorox in your drains and pray that you didn't leave an old bag of potatoes in you cupboard. Oh and by the way most local gas stations don't carry fly traps. You want to keep them on hand for any future problems because when nine oclock at night rolls around you will wish you had one.

1.00 What's the best thing for clean-smelling drains? Baking soda doesn't seem to make that much of difference.?

Q. I did the lemon, but the smell seems to come back in a day or two. I think the black rubber piece in the garbage disposal may be a large part of the problem, but on this model, it is NOT removable!

A. If you have a garbage disposal, remove the rubber piece and wash it in a bleach or vinegar solution. Then use a baby bottle brush with a bleach or vinegar solution to clean the inside of the disposal.

1.00 Can a septic pumping company sabotage your system?

Q. I posted a question about my current situation yesterday and got some good information but what I really have a question about is can the issue we are having with our septic and sewer drainage be caused by an unscrupulous company or a technician that doesn't know what he's doing?? Here is the link to what I already posted;_ylt=AnM.CPwsrkmq4SIC8kZiJvMazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20100618184930AAuMMah you can read what is happening if you want to. I am hoping maybe someone who works as a septic and sewer cleaner and repair person can tell me if it's possible that someone can intentionally or unintentionally clog leach lines so that you will have to have expensive repairs or not? I do realize it could have gone bad on it's own. Or maybe this is just a problem of too much rain, I just think it could be suspicious and wondered if it's possible. I have read things online saying that "Without proper pump-outs, solids will flow into and clog the drainfield, resulting in an expensive repair process." Can someone make this happen when they pump it by possibly breaking up the slug and then pumping to a certain level then letting the solids flow into the leach lines before finishing the pumping? We just had ours pumped a month and a half ago and now it is backing up into the house and draining very, very slowly. Thank god at least it is clean water, (well not clean, clean, lol, but clear) We can only use limited water and when it rises into the downstairs shower we have to pump it out with a sub-pump. We haven't called anyone yet because if it is do to the rains I was told pumping could just be a waste of money as it will refill. Thanks John. :-) The only reason why I was wondering about this is other ppl said they were dissatisfied with this company & I read on That "a rectangle of floating scum layer material can fall from the septic tank inlet baffle area as the effluent level in the tank drops. Service operators call this the "pillow" and its appearance is important. If this material is left in the tank baffles the system may become clogged." I was concerned if this could have happened. Wow check 2x a year that will be hard since the lid is 3' 6" deep. Yikes that's a lot of digging. lol The guy that pumped it said it only needed serviced every 3 years since it was a very large tank and only 2 ppl in house. We flush notta but what's supposed to be flushed, no lady stuff, lol, sorry TMI, lol and have no garbage disposal and only use liquid soaps, no powder. Thanks for the info John! Hey do you recommend additives? I read on sites it's no good John, since it sounds like you have experience with this, do you have an approximate guess at what it costs to have this repaired, ie new leach field installed? Just a guess of course? I know it is probably different in different parts of the country. Oh and is there a way to test the leach lines to be sure they are bad and need replaced? Thanks Hydroace, I really appreciate the reply! More good information. I am going to have to google some of the info as I'm guessing the "header" you speak of is the distribution box?? And the "footer" would be the end of one of the lateral tubes?? Or do I have that backwards? Heck I might not even be close, lol. ( I know I should be calling out a professional by now but I have also read that they can't do anything to fix/replace your drain field until the ground is dry, if you've been having flooding, which we have. It keeps raining 2+ inches a day! Maybe there's some hope in the future as it's not supposed to rain for the next 2 1/2 days. Plus I like to know as much as I can before someone comes out so I don't get ripped off too badly, lol.

A. I'm gonna agree; the 'honey dipper' can't do anything to cause the issues you're experiencing. Here are a couple of comments, just some food for thought. First, regards digging up the access port, I'd suggest putting some kind of a standoff over the access port for the septic tank - one which has a cover just a few inches but beneath the surface of the ground. For example, I cut the bottom out of a bucket for a sump pump and put it over the access port. When I needed access to the septic tank, I just exposed the cover to the sump bucket and opened it to gain access to the septic tank. I have to confess I only did so every 5 years (but I never had any problems either ;-) On to the bigger issue, the tile field. I've done a lot of work in construction and land development and there's a special piece of equipment used to compact ground - a sheep's foot. They have a large drum with raised pads on it, concentrating the weight of the drum on the pads and compacting the ground. The machine was designed to simulate the compaction that occurs in paddocks and along trails frequented by large animals. I read your first post and noted that your tile field may have been compacted by the horses you keep. To check the condition of your tile field, first expose a part of the header at the upstream end of the tile field to see if the pipe is full of effluent or if it's empty. Then expose the footer for the field to verify whether it's draining or holding water. If necessary, run a hose into the header to check the footer. If the footer is empty (even after running water into the header) effluent isn't getting through the laterals in the tile field. You probably have crushed or filled laterals, and it's time for a new field. If the header is empty effluent isn't getting from the septic tank into the tile field, and you need to expose the pipe between the two and clean it out. This may require that you install a cleanout. If effluent spurts out of the header or the footer when you inspect those pipes, the tile field is full and not draining properly; time for new tile field. Good luck with it! Edit: Sorry, I've gotta explain myself better. The effluent leaves your house through a pipe and enters the septic tank(s), which traps anything that floats or sinks, and a relatively clear effluent leaves the tank(s) and enters a distribution box. At its simplest, the distribution box is nothing more than a tee in the line, sending the effluent to either side along the header. The header distributes the effluent to several laterals, which run the length of the tile field. In open tile fields, the laterals are simply capped at their end, while in closed tile fields, they are connected to a common footer at their downstream end. If yours is a closed system, you'll need to find the closed ends and check to see if the lateral is full or empty. Hope this helps.

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Garbage Disposal Plumbing

 Plumbing - Garbage Disposal Plumbing The garbage disposal unit is one of the sturdiest appliances in your kitchen. With some basic maintenance and care, you can expect your garbage disposal to last for more than a decade. If you're looking for steps how to install a garbage disposer, know that it helps if you have excellent skills in both Plumbing as well as electrical work. The process itself is cut and dry. First, remove the sink strainer and waste trap, and then set up the garbage disposal sink flange on the mounting ring assembly. Tighten the assembly, and connect the unit to the power cord. Mount the unit, and establish drain line connections. If necessary, connect dishwasher lines too. Lock the unit in place, and check for correct operation with a trial run. Look for the presence of leaks that indicate improper garbage disposal installation.

 Bucks County plumber in Bucks County, Pennsylvania To avoid the need for garbage disposal repairs, take care never to shove large objects, like bones down the unit. Never pour grease or coffee grounds down the garbage disposal. Your manufacturer's manual will provide a list of items that have no place in the disposal. Always run water before and after using the unit, and run cold water when the unit is in operation. Don't run hot water when the unit is in use, because the heat can melt any grease causing clog formations. Never overfill your garbage disposal unit. Simple garbage disposal repairs can be done at home. If the unit doesn't run even when the motor hums, it could be a sign of a hard object stuck. Switch off the disposer, and if you can see an object like a bone, rubber or metal, pull it out using tongs. Don't put your hands inside the unit. If this doesn't help, call a garbage disposal plumber. In case of a leak in your unit, simply find the source, and tighten the connection.

Look to our fast and reliable system to connect with professional plumbers for help installing a garbage disposer or garbage disposal repairs. Our system works quickly to connect you with licensed and certified garbage disposal unit specialists in Bucks County. You can decide whether you want a plumber to contact you.

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